Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Driving Round The New Racing Track

Sundays AAC event had us back at the new racing track but this time in formula 1 cars, nicer steering and gear changes were the order of the day. But, decisions decisions, do you pelt round at full wack or shift down in 3rd so not to fly headlong into the wall. In the event we raced 8 heats over two laps each and the winners were.

Heat      Drivers

 1          snapper Desade
 2          Gokyu Ugajin
 3          snapper Desade
 4          katie Zwilling
 5          Sodak Xeltentat
 6          Sodak Xeltentat
 7          snapper Desade
 8          Perfecto Convair

To get a feel of the track in action view the video below.

Get car in video for free HERE

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