Sunday, 29 April 2012

New USS Zhuozi RP Set Now Open

The latest set to be added to the RP Center/Space dock/Holodeck area is now open for public use. The set was created by Katie Zwilling and is a Star Trek inspired futuristic set called the USS Zhuozi. The set has a very sleek clean dark look about it with just the right splattering of neon lights around the wall and includes turbo lifts to all the four decks. This incorporates with the RP centre perfectly you can use it to get back to the centre from the set or even down to the lift in the sandbox 3000 meters below.

The heart of any bustling  starship is its bridge and the one on this set wont disappoint,  its very spacious in design, in particularly that the crew stand to operate their stations, so no falling asleep on the job here. One of the main focus points is the large transparent  map towards the back of the bridge, so a good place to plan tactical or defensive strikes against the enemy.

The engine room has the usual active warp core effect with panels you can press for sound effects like evacuation and hull breach. You can also use another panel on the wall which creates various levels of damage and fire in a very impressive manner.

What would any Trek like set be without the obligatory teleporter room! Though the system doesn't link to any of the sim teleporter devices its just used as an rp area, so imagination is the key here. 

There are three armory lockers one for each head division as in command, science and security. By clicking any of them will send a directory to your inventory full of weapons and other rp paraphernalia which you may find useful.

Like any RP ship there's always going to be that rogue element when some one misbehaves so expect to have people thrown into the brig every now and then with a force field thrown in for good measure to keep the criminally minded locked up.

When its time to plot strategy, where better than the ships briefing room, with enough chairs for all the senior officers to plan their way out of the many tight spots the crew on this set will almost certainly get themselves into.

This set has a huge potential for engrossing RPing and i'm sure there will be regular role play's being hosted from there.

Since we are in the theme making mood we've created a bunch of chrome browser themes for it. There are  four themes available, just click the links below and follow the instructions to installed them on your chrome browser.

To have a look at the set for yourself, if you have a Secondlife Account click HERE

The set is in the airlock rezzer to the right where you teleport into the area, click the panel and choose "USS Zhuozi", the airlock will open and you can walk through. When you come to the first door just click the panel on the wall, select open and enter the sets corridor.

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