Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Tactical - Drone Tests, Kingon Invasion and Light Armour

Tactical has been really busy over the last few weeks since its relaunch and has been going from strength to strength. This week has been particularly busy.

On Saturday's Tactical event  they were testing new fighting drones and a colour ball shooting game, the scripter Perfecto Convair (now also one of the newest members of the division) is an old member who has been away from the GFC for about 4 years and has returned to projects he was working on and aren't we glad he has, the games are challenging and fun, they will make a real addition to many of the tactical event which are planned in the future. Also he's working on a few games aimed at DS19 which we are all looking forward to playing soon.

Sunday saw tactical reassemble to defend the planet from a klingon invasion in a derelict war torn city using every guerrilla fighting tactic's at their disposal to defeat the scurge and barbarism of their foe. Will the federations remain victorious and honorable in the face of their enemy or can the fragil alliance prevail. Read Full Story HERE.

Light tactical armour with force field has been developed for all tactical members. The armor is made by their new chief tactical engineer Harry Ketterley (andy Ketterley). Read Full Story HERE.

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