Thursday, 2 February 2012

Gibraltar Multi-Division's Vs the Klingons

When a Klingon Bird of Prey appeared in Sovereign outside the tactical area, the crew of the Gibraltar were on it like a shot calling in the help of the the guys and gals of Tactical and the AAC.

Had the Klingons finally taken over the quadrant, would gagh be our national dish, bloodwine the pub drink of choice and the klingon flag flying over every sim in this area of space.

Gibraltar RP Every Monday 11am SLT

IM  RoBobby McMillan for details.
Galaxy Fleet Command RP

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  1. It was really fun. I hope I could have gotten there sooner ^0^

  2. On behalf of Tactical - I'd like to thank those people who attended. It was a good RP and really fun to take part in.

    The RP is on every Monday at 11am SLT for those of you who wish to participate more often. IM Commodore RoBobby McMillan for more details.

    But back to the point of this post - again, thank you to all that provided help and those who advanced the plot.

    - SJ