Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Back to the Blake Sea.

Earlier in the week the AAC had an event to fly over the blake sea area which is a humongous collection of sims which creates a massive waterway network for planes and ships to navigate through. Considering the event was held at 6pm secondl life time (PDT) its a bit early in the morning for most Europeans so the event was repeated at a more eurocentric time.

The idea was to use the same course as chosen on Wednesday starting at Honah Lee Field, but when the group of us got down there the lag was so bad it was like we were moving in the the Matrix's Bullet Time so it was decided to transfer to Hollywood airport which was just a few sims from one of the locations we had to fly through.

We rezzed our planes, helicopters or whatever physical ships we pulled out of our inventory. An  updated route was handed out and we were back on course for the event.

At Hollywood Airport and flying over the Blake Sea

I jumped in my MD 5000 helicopter and debbydo thoughts she'd hitch a lift, you'd understand if you've ever seen her pilot a plane, where her definition of landing is hitting her plane into the tarmac at high velocity without the wheels touching the ground...well, the rest of us call that crashing, she insists its called landing.
Its always challenging flying across the blake sea as you find not all sims are made equal and can be lagger than others. fortunately if we crashed out on the course Sodak had a landing runway near were we could rezz our aircrafts  without the need to go all the way back to hollywood airport.

Unlike wednesday's event, all but one person made it to Second Life International Airport and landed their crafts, even if we had to re-rezz our aircrafts afew times along the way.

Left: Sodak's Runway Right: Second Life Airport from the Sky
As with all the Blake Sea events i've attended its always fun, a bit of a challenge and is increasing in popularity, so if you haven't tried follow the route below and see if you can make it all the way to Second Life international Airport.

Start:              Hollywood  Click for location
Destination:   Second life international airport (SLIA)

Altitude                   : 100m AMSL
Speed                      :40-50 % Throttle
Distance                  : 30 approx sims
Fuel Consumption  : 50%
Duration                  : 30 min (less depending on speed)

take off, ascend to 100m

Start Here Click for location

1S to BS-China
6W BS - Lanyard
7N to Siracusa
1E    to Ziyad
6N   to Arezzo
4W  to Looming
2S   to Ishmael ... begin to descend to 20m...head west
2W  to Ahab's Haunt ... descend and if your up to it, fly through the dinosaur bones. Afterwards circle the bones once before continuing.  Ascend to 50m...head north
2N   to Red Snapper
2E   to Looming
2N   to Antilaghi (SLIA) ... land and park near the runway.

End of Patrol.

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