Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Flight school, the blake Sea and back again

This week's aac sunday event you could say was in 3 parts.

First was some flying and shooting in the new flights school area transferred from its previous location in another sim to here at the GFC, removal was executed remarkably well and no china was dropped between sims.

I jumped into a gryphon and did the flight course in a respectable 41 seconds, I've gone faster before but that was just practicing and outside an event so they don't count. We'll see over the next few weeks if I can better that score.

I know Richardjrn Weatherwax did a run in a remarkable head swelling 34 seconds, but talking about it further would require an additional sim to host his ego :p

Following the course activities and familiarizing ourselves with the new surroundings some pilots, Kaori, Gokyu, Avena to name but a few jumped into their fighters for some aerial dog fighting or more commonly known as "Come and get me, eat lead fly boy".

The course at AAC's flight school
The second part was the general meeting, would say more but permission for designs haven't been cleared so won't bother mentioning them.

The final part, technically, wasn't part of an AAC event but carried on with the flying theme and most members followed onto it.

Yay, landed slap bang on the Lighthouses Helipad 
We were off to traverse the waters of the Blake Sea for those who don't know it, it's a collection of sims mostly covered in water for sailing and flying. To get in the spirit of things I needed to bag myself a physical helicopter, got the landmark and nabbed a copy of a nice little chopper for free. Blake Sea's here I come...

Earlier in the week Gokyu announced a trip to the blake Sea starting at Honah Lee Surf Airport. We were given a flight route and proceeded flying through a few sims to Hollywood airport. Once we had taken a break there, our next stop was to find a lighthouse and land our chopper on their Helipad or fly round it if you were in a plane. When that task had been complete it was off to  a secret location to chillout, dance and chat.

Few of us actually made it all the way without a hitch but it was fun flying physical aircrafts which have a totally different feel to the regular ships we fly at the AAC.

The guys and gals at the AAC once again showed how to put on a event which started at the flight school to soaring over the Blake Sea, even the last event had most members staying for the whole 5 hours which is more than an incredible feat and shows once again where much of the true talent and organisation within the fleet lay.

Outside Honah Lee Surf Airport and the view from mouselook in the helicopter....What a sight.

For more pictures click HERE

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