Sunday, 29 January 2012

What a Crate Event

One of the features added to the latest GFC fighter plane the gryphon was the ability to pick up and carry items like a crate. So this weeks AAC event had members jumping into their ships from the USS Paris deck, attaching the crate to the bottom of the plane and flying it up to DS19's cargo bay area, placing it down and returning back to the Paris to collect another one.

Since most of us hadn't done this with the new ship a comedy of errors ensued, for me certainly, my first foray  into tethering went something like this:

Me  "how do you pick up the crate". 

Ship Engineer "read the manual"

Me "how do you get the manual"

Ship Engineer "Strike me down with a lazer bolt, type "manual" "

Me "ah...Manual"

After reading that section in the manual it was now time to attach the crate an mosey up to DS19 with the crate of probably nuclear waste swinging behind me. It wasn't long before DS19 looked like the back of a stolen goods warehouse. But it was a fun event and expect to see more events transporting items around the sims, maybe as an out and out race, definitely looking forward to that. We mentioned in the last article about what SL groups had to offer with Star Trek online going free, I think in some respect todays event answered that, creativity, innovation, user content, fun.....What more could you ask for on a Sunday.

More Pictures HERE


  1. Me: How do I use the Gryphon's cargo system?
    Rich: read the manual
    Me: stfu and tell me Feathers...
    Rich: hover over a crate and say lift
    Me: Now wasn't that easier than reading a manual?
    Rich: >_<

  2. Suggestion: (Fully aware of my absence from events but none the less) Different crate textures. Hazardous crates that explode if dropped and leaves radioactive debris that you have to click to retrieve and causes damage.
    (Text message saying, "You have received a lethal dose of radiation" or HP meter damage.)

    I admire your work and draw inspiration from it. Thank you always.
    Cmdr. Juliesse.
    (You know where to find me *smiles*)