Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Some might say that building a snowman is an activity for a child. But I say, nay! Building snowmen is actually an art, as members of GFC have proven. TimoL McMillan organised a snowmen building contest, and the results were spectacular! Out of the six snowmen which were sent in, two were Vulcan, one was Bolian, and the other three were just simple snowmen. Infinite Diversity in Snowmen Combinations!

 There had to be a winner, of course... but it seems to me as if all are the winners! Still, here we go:

First place, by Darth the Bunnehkat

Second place, by RoBobby McMillan

Third place, by Harry Ketterley
Congratulations, folks! Nicely done! :D If you want to see these snowmen, go to the Library... they're in front of the Library there :D


  1. but but but but darths was an andorian D:

  2. Yeah... Blue snow, candy-cane antenna. It should be obvious! :p