Tuesday, 20 December 2011

AAC Ball Movie Winter 2011

Over the last couple of weeks the AAC had been busy not only flying sorties over GFC airspace but working on the biannual ball movie. In the past they have concentrated more on death defying feats of aviation skills, but this year was more ambitious as they opted for making a small movie with a script and full on voice and avatar acting.

Of course it wasn't all plain sailing for the director Sodax Xeltentat who had to battle with issues like Admiral Cobramax Mechanique's avatars inability to move his head from a straight position. His crack crew pulled all their experiences in sl affairs into play and came up with zip as a solution, seems saying "Work, Damn it" at the screen had no effect. Eventually it was found that the admiral has attachments on him which protected him from attack, though also had the side effect of making him act like Kevin Costner. It all got sorted in the end and now Cobramax's head bobs around like its on a string.

The whole experience was fun with enough bloopers of hashed lines, strange noises on mics and the sound of Sodak's sanity ebbing away like water in a stream.

After the last scene was shot, we went off to the 501 clubs for a end of shoot rap party to celebrate.

But after weeks of blood, sweat and deodorant the filming was done and premiered at the winter ball to rapturous applause.

Thanks should be given to all those who worked hard on the production, you did the GFC proud.

( keep an eye out for Debbydo's performance, we are debating whether the motivation for her acting style was imagining she was an extra in an oliver twist movie).

More Pictures HERE

So, without further a debbydo, we present to you the GFC-FallBall2011

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