Saturday, 10 December 2011

Library exhibitions opening!

What do bathtubs and classes have in common? That's right, they're both featured in an exhibition at the Library! Both the 'GFC Book of Records' exhibition by former member Ensign Six of Nine, and the Academy divisional exhibition by Academy Vice Commandant Angelis Bourne, were opened today.

The Book of Records exhibition had been a special Library project Ensign Six of Nine had been working on. And what a great job she did! A bathtub race, a treasure hunt, and much, much more. They're all featured in the Book of Records exhibition in the Library. Six, thank you very much for your great work!

The Academy divisional exhibition is the first one of its kind. It shows just what the Academy is all about. A while back, all the Leads in GFC have received a notecard from me, giving them the opportunity to create an exhibition which will be featured in the Library. The Academy jumped at the chance, and thus they're the first to show their exhibition. Hopefully, this will be the first of many!

Both exhibitions will be in the Library for the next couple of weeks... so go to the Library and have a look! And if you've got an exhibition of your own that you'd like to show to GFC, feel free to contact me: Captain RoBobby McMillan.

See you in the Library!

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  1. I attended both exhibition, great job robobby, the academy and 6 of 9 (yalene resident).

    shows the talent, fun and application of our members. So come down and have a look, its a great read.