Friday, 23 December 2011

Biannual winter ball 2011

December 17th was a red letter day, once again the biannual ball was upon us, it's regarded as the biggest event in the GFC calendar where a half year of work for the fleet is rewarded.

This year's theme was taken from the popular voyager episode "fair haven" set in the surroundings of an Irish bar. Members and guests settled down and the proceedings begain. Those awarded who where able to attend when called up stood to attention waiting nervously for their turn to deliver their speeches.
The award ceremony was was split between medals and promotions.

Promotions to the their new ranks are stated below.

Among the medal winners were:

Galaxy Star
Andromeda Quonset. Birdie IrlandCobramax MechaniqueDebbydo ResidentEmilie DeSantisFarodin RhiadraKaori JuliesseLillian Aries, Richardjrn Weatherwax, Sereana Westland, Sodak Xeltentat, Timol  McMillan

Legion of Merit
Banditt Weintraub, Debbydo ResidentDemeter sladeDustin ThunderstormGimonia HortenGokyu UgajinIsra LavalJD MatovaJanel DouneKal AieMiezekatze LemonNimue DaviRichardjrn WeatherwaxRoBobby McMillanTimoL McMillanWillow Halfpint

Meritorious Service Medal
Arnold McKeenanDamien AvedonDebbydo ResidentDustin SunflowerGandalf Nakamura,
Kal AieKendra MollsenMalcom SholokhovMalic TolsenRokks ResidentSnapper DesadeSophie JohnsonStarr JetaimeThomas Aker

Red Cross
Aaron Ishelwood, Emilie DeSantis

Starfleet Achievement
Andy ketterley, Angel Sachertorte, Katie zwilling, Radon18 Nitely, Richardjrn Weatherwax, SirJedHerbit, Starr Jetaime

Starfleet Commendation
Angelis BourneBirdie IrelandBrahama capeloGokyu UgajinHydregion ResidentIsobel firethornJanel DouneJimmyKaori JuliesseKendra MollsenKieran BraveheartMalcom SholokhovPhedre AeonifallRobobby McmillianSilver VisageTails ClunyThomas Aker

Once the awards where handed out it was off outside to witness the spectacle of the fireworks display, it's always recommend to turn environment settings to night for the best effects as particles lit up the sky.
Finally it was back inside the bar area, to knock back a few glasses, fiddle with fliptags and dance the night away with the person next to you.

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