Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Today's Halloween Forecast (Posted Late)

'Theme Tune' This is today's Weather Forecast 'Theme Tune'

'Hello and welcome to today's weather forecast with me, Jimmy Vehrous reporting for GFC weather. Happy Halloween to you all, and I hope the year of 2011 has been as spooky as ever. Well, without further delay, let's get onto the weather.'

(Camera One: Sovereign)

'Well, today we are broadcasting from within Sovereign today. However much to our surprise it is looking rather bleak. I am struggling to stay standing up in these gale force winds, and after getting my tail stuck in my shuttle hatch, it's not been a very goo day so far. A few hours ago we heard that Six and Seven of Nine were both struck by lightning, luckily they are recovering in sickbay with nothing more than third degree burns their bodies, so they are doing just fine.'

(Camera Two: Galaxy)

'Moving onto Galaxy. As you can see on your screens, Petty Officer Dustin is there right now doing his usual rounds of ... whatever he actually does. We at GFC weather love this guy and nothing puts him is greater light that the sunny weather in Galaxy today.'

(Camera Three: Aeon)

'Onto Aeon now, where our correspondent Debbydo has been considering whacking out her winter hair. I guess that would be because the temperature has fallen to a skin blistering -17 degrees. Apparently Debbydo has a wardrobe specifically full of different hair, so that she can pick and choose depending on how she feels.'

(Camera Four: Constellation)

'The Constellation Market is looking like the hot-spot today as snapper Desade investigates. It seems like temperatures have sky rocketed today and if you were thinking about a spot of shopping, today would be the day to head out. Though you'd think snapper would take off the coat and wear something more suitable for the sun.'

'Thats it folks, thank you from the team here at GFC weather:

Jimmy Vehrous
Dustin Sunflower
snapper Desade

We hope to see you here again tomorrow, when we bring you tomorrows weather ... tomorrow.'

Please note that this is all fictional and the effects have been created using the SL viewer it'self.

Jimmy Vehrous for GFC News.

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