Friday, 4 November 2011

Tails impromptu dog fight

When Tails Cluny developed an itchy finger (unlike the rest of us mere mortals who would just simply scratch it) our Mr Cluny decided to enlist a bunch of pilots, would be pilots and members the term pilots wouldn't be a fitting description for (a person who sat in a plane would have been a more apt terminology).

Tails took this rag tag crew up to the USS Paris for an impromptu if it moved fire at it dog fight.
Staring out the paris bay doors you could see the tracer fire of bullets bouncing off the hull of participants gryphon's as the dog fight went into full swing.

I fear to say it was a no holds bar take no prisoners affair, ships were being downed faster then a sports fan knocking back a can of beer whilst watching the football.

Even when I got in and took to the pilot seat it wasn't long before my gryphon was falling out the sky in pieces and crashing onto the roof of the Paris in a display of smoke and debris.

All in all it was an enjoyable AAC style event which we hope tails holds again and maybe make its a weekly seat of your pants, all you can shoot at flight fest.

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