Saturday, 26 November 2011

A strange ride...

Aeon Sandbox. A place where many strange objects have appeared over the years. Who can still remember the Roman pillars? Or the huge bunny's? But now there was one contraption which dwarfed them all... literally.

What could this be?
What was it? A monument? A new coffee maker? A rocket launcher?

A work of art, maybe?
No, none of this all. This strange device was... a roller-coaster. And the best thing was... it worked.

Going up...
 Well, sort of. There were still some small adjustments that needed to be made, and testdrives that needed to be completed. An untested device, the danger of crashing to the ground, or spinning out of control... who could resist? So I jumped on the cart, and did indeed spin and crash. But every time we did that, Richardjrn got a step closer to figuring it out.

Crash, spin, burn, and move sideways... all in a day's work.
And finally, it was finished. An amazing design, really. And if you try it out in mouselook, it almost feels like the real thing. Rich, well done!

Rich isn't wearing a protective gear for nothing...
Yes, I do look scared...
Up and up and up and up...
And there we go!
Now, please excuse me, while I go throw up a bit...


  1. i was joking when i said to blog it >.<

    nice one though *laughs evilly*

  2. Of course blog it, that's the whole point of a blog lol.

    Great work again Rich, we once more bow down to the superior scripting intellect.

    twiddles fingers.... will it fit an a rezzer :p