Saturday, 26 November 2011

Monkey's Stag (Bachelor) Party

Another Saturday evening, relaxing on top of my shuttle in the sandbox, as one does, when along comes Richardjrn. He pulls up a deckchair and joins me in the sun, when only minutes later Monkey appears and crashes out too - another deckchair. Finally, arrives Dustin, and the four of us relax.

Conversation moves slowly, the relaxed manner of friends and comrades enjoying the day, when talk moves to Monkey's pending nuptuals - clearly he's a man in love, if Isobel could've heard his excitement her heart would have swelled to bursting.

Anyway, the talk of weddings continued, but something was missing - something wasn't quite right. It took only moments before it came to me! With only hours of freedom remaining, Monkey hadn't had a bachelor party! The for of us were all here, the mood was set - time to celebrate!

The bloodwine was poured, the romulan ale uncorked and the strippers were ordered. Then sent away again. Monkey's excitement at being married was evident for all, and a fun time was had.

I persisted in ordering the strippers, but he's nothing if not a man true to his word and Monkey refused. We relaxed in the sun instead, enjoying each others company.

It turns out, you don't need topless ladies of dubious morals, when you have good friends and a deckchair to sit on. So with that, good luck Monkey and Isobel - I think I speak for everyone when I wish you many happy years of marriage.

Andy Ketterley