Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Bullseye On AAC Sunday

We report on a previous sunday aac parachute event over a month ago and the guys and gals were at it again. This time the main target wasn't a landing pad on the USS paris's but one that had been set up outside the tactical area.

Unlike the previous events I didn't miss my target completely but have to admit I somehow crossed sims in the middle of a jump Indicating my steering skills needed more than a little work.

We did a few jumps and i was able to hit the target on all of them. But I think my best score was about 1.3 meters from the bullseye whilst most people were getting within a meter.

My parachuting skills are a little rusty to say the least but I may have discovered the secret of getting closer to the bullseye. We'll see if I can put that in practice for the next parachute event.

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AAC Events SLT

AAC Nova          -  Wednesday 6:00pm SLT
AAC Sigma   -  Friday   3:30pm SLT
AAC Red       -  Sunday 9:00am SLT

* SLT = Second life time

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