Thursday, 29 September 2011

AAC Sunday

Further to their Wednesday and Thursdays RP and flying event the Academy Air Corp (AAC) have added a Sunday event to their arsenal giving some joy to those of us in Europe. Now we can go mano a mano with the best the GFC piloting fraternity can throw at us.

To kick of this European friendly event Sodak Xeltentat gathered a rag tag team of members for a briefing under the watchful gaze of  AAC lead Emilie DeSantis. There the crew were informed this event would be a parachute exercise. Their instructions were simple, leap from the cargo bay in DS19 down to the parachute landing pad at the end of the USS Paris. That should have been easy enough, like falling off a space station.

Actually the reality was a little bit different. Gokyu Ugajin stood at the doors of the cargo bay, encouraging the brave (In that knee knocking sense of the word) band of participants to step off the edge and remember to pull their parachutes at 1500 meters.

Now, the problem with trying to do a story about the AAC whilst leaping off the end of a space station is you want to get some pictures, that requires you to line up your shots, get the right angles to make the pictures look ultra cool. Unfortunately it works more like this.

2500M - Jump out of station
2200M - Damn, shot not lined up
2000M - Trying to spin camera round, laggggg.
1900M - Just a bit closer now...
1700M - If I can get a nice angle, this would look really cool.
1200M - wait a sec wasn't I suppose to pull at 1500m?
1000M - Not got the shot and the ground is coming in very fast...Maybe I should pull the cord.
800M   - Oh there's someone above me, they missed the paris aswell, I wonder who it can be?
400M   - I can see my office from here.
100M   - Ok landed on the ground....Hi Emilie, you missed the Paris as well.

Emilie and I dusted ourselves off and  tried again. This time I wasn't going to worry about taking photos. I leaped the Cargo bay like a depressed lemming, felt the wind blowing through my hair and fell at free fall speed. When 1500M came I pulled my chute and glided slowly down, now I could steer my parachute toward the Paris as I waited for it to come into view.

Once the Paris landing target was glimpsed it was gentle tapping to navigate myself down toward a red spot inside a circle. That was my target, the closer you got the more nervous you get as you know you can do it but suddenly you panic, over compensate and you land away from the red dot. But for my first proper jump (I wiped the previous jump from attempt memory) I landed in the second circle which isn't bad to say the least. I'm not sure debs even landed on or near the paris in the whole event.

My second attemp was one better as this time I landed in the inner circle just inches away from the red target dot. So I could at least say at the end of the day I made a respectable jump.

A few other members made jumps to be proud of during the event and Kal Aie even tested the theory of jumping out of the paris and seeing if he could land with in the circle at free fall speed....The answer to your question is, no, he missed it, but did make a thumping noise when he hit the floor.

To draw the RP to a close there was one final task. This was to jump from the Paris down to the Teleport pad outside the tactical area. Now that was a challenge I couldn't resist. I did my customary swan dive from the cargo bay and let my chute rip when I saw the whites of the Sovereign buildings down below.

Now I was far more comfortable with the controls and made my way slowly down toward the teleport pad suddenly realizing as I got closer how small it was considering the distance I came from, but I carefully lined up my descent and BINGO, I hit the target landing right at the edge of the pad.

Once again the AAC delivered a fascinating and truly entertaining event, if you haven't attended one yet especially if its too late for your timezone then give the Sunday event a try, you wont be disappointed.

Debs and I left the event and thought we'd walk to the Aeon Sandbox sporting our new fashion accessory the "Rear Chute Attachment", sexier than a belt and more comfortable than a cod piece.

More photo's HERE

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  1. It was an excellent event snapper. You got some good pics, and i'm glad you guys enjoyed it :)