Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Firing Range Challenge

The air thick with gun barrels smoking, the deafening roar of gunfire fading away....this is not a war movie. Its GFC's Book for Records last challenge for the first edition....

What a great challenge it was...the firing range challenge. I set up the firing range in the Aeon weapons sandbox for this challenge and called for volunteers. And what great competitors we had too.
The challengers faces off in a pairs situation, each competing for their own personal best score. After seeing some of the competitors bring out their machine guns and what looked like rocket launchers, we decided only the guns provided was allowed to be used...lol. It was target practice, not Armageddon hehe.

I opened the range so everyone could have some practice time and get use to the pistols.

Everyone eagerly leapt at the chance for some time to hone their skills

Here is the competitors, listed on no particular order...

DarthBunny Petrov
Silver Visage
zannadu Resident
straitsilver Lekvoda
Starr Jetaime
Kaori Juliesse
Partybabeliz Resident

With the pairs , picked randomly, they each stepped up and shot their hearts out...no no  I don't mean literally...I mean they really threw themselves into the spirit of the competition.

With the game set to 'Challenging' mode ( of course, is it a challenge ) the competitors too their turns and faced the targets with enthusiasm. After the roar of gunfire died down, a hush fell over the  crowd.
Silently they waited for me to tally up the scores and announce the winner.

And the winner is..........*drum roll*....... DarthBunny Petrov !!!!
Well done and congratulations Darth, nice shooting. And my apologies to Darth, as I normally have the winners picture here, Darth had to leave before the next round so I was unable to grab a picture of you Darth...sincere apologies, but a well deserved win!

Eager for more, and just for fun, we decided to do a round in 'Ego Buster" mode....well it sounded like a good idea. And its all about fun and socialising.

After fierce competition I am happy to report, straitsilver Lekvoda
won the round by 3 points. Well done Silver, a well deserved win!

This is the End of the first book and I hope you have had as much fun competing as I have had bringing you the challenges and keeping it interesting. There is talk of a 2nd book in the very near future, please visit the GFC Library where this book will  be on display. Any ideas, comments or suggestions, feel free to contact me Yalene Resident ( aka six of nine) or talk to Captain Robobby McMillan , Lead of the GFC's Library, without who's help and support this wouldnt have been posible. (Thank you Sir)

My own personal thanks to the many competitors throughout the challenges, and a big sorry to the people I annoyed on my firends list...lol, you know who you are...hugs.
Thank you to all GFC Admiralty, Officers and members...thank you all for the opportunity to meet you all, bring you some fun, and to generally just  run amok!!! We have the best people in  GFC.....See you next time!!


  1. Oooh, a shoot-out! Sorry I missed it... but great work, Six! The Library will show the book pretty soon! :)

  2. *rolls the drum back to six* dont loose these, they are expensive to replace :P