Sunday, 16 October 2011

Away to Babylon

One of the most famous quotes in star trek is "To explore strange new worlds to seek out new life and new civilizations" and that's what the crew of the Ajax rp did this week, not content with travelling the four corners of the star trek universe they decided to take a slight detour to the alternative cross TV Show universe  of Babylon 5, you remember that place, more aliens in cramped accommodate than a refugee camp but as we were told, "The Babylon project was our last best hope for peace".

So looking for peace and adventure the Ajax crew teleported to B5 in search of life forms they had been tracking across the galaxy, the length and breath of the station was scanned and the data brought back to Ajax for review.

More Pictures HERE

What data did the Babylon 5 scans reveal.
Who were the mystery life forms
Do they have a Starbucks for thirsty travelers

Those answers and more will be revealed during the next installment of the USS Ajax RP

USS Ajax RP Timezones
Tuesday        6:30pm      Secondlife time (SLT/PDT)
Wednesday   2:30am     UK
Wednesday   3:30am     France/Holland/Germany
Wednesday   12:30pm   Australia
Wednesday   10:30am  Japan

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