Monday, 19 September 2011

To seek out new life and new civilisations

By Six of Nine ( Yalene Resident )

I have been asked to write about a project i have running for the Library and the topic given to me was the Star Trek motto... "To seek out new life and new civilisations"

 My first thoughts were of the breedable pets that SL offers, so i decided to  gather animals from all over the universe...SL universe. I was amazed at the variety and the diversity of life herein.And with very little knowledge,  i set out to gather information one species at a time.

For my first choice, I chose the Ozimals Bunnys. Ok, so not a lot of excitement there, but cute and can be  'worn' from inventory to be petted. As with all animals, this helps their happiness, which in turn affects their abilities to breed.

Next i decided to try Amaretto Horses. While i have noticed that this species does come in differnt sizes and breeds, it also has a very complex  order of desirability, according to its eyes, coat and any new trait. While not overly expensive to feed, they are ridable and I found that  they breed quite readily, like the bunny's.
While contemplating my next choice of species, I happen to stumble across a rare opportunity...someone offering free breedable dragons. Unable to resist the urge, i decided they would be a good addition to my growing collection. Now this is where it gets a little more complex than the horses, as they are colour coded and the number represent what i can only describe as "purity" in colour, for lack of a better description. They are also expensive to feed and  non interactive, so you can look and breed but not pet.  And while the dragons may not be as popular as they once were, they  do have a unique grouping system, ie, 1 Queen to 7 males...lucky Queen!!  LOL.

Next , I opted for Wyrnwood Faeries. Pretty, colourful and  non interactive. They lay eggs readily and you can amass quite a collection in a small amount of time. This species also has 'rare' breeds and  its really only the enthusiasts that continue to keep them.

Amaretto K9's were my next choice. K9's have not been in Sl very long, but they are popular already and very easy to look after. Resembling life like breeds of dogs, there is still amount to the breeds available...Im holding out for the Chihuahua's LOL

My  last choice, (and i say last choice because the prims and Lindens are getting thin) are the Meeroos.
Sweet, loveable and so much fun. This species also has a range of coat and eye combinations, as well as sizes. Meeroos also come with personalities, shy, lazy, friendly and mischievous. No matter, they easy to look after, love to be snuggled and are fun to watch, as they rear up on hind legs and ask to be picked up.

Now if you want to see this exhibition, its open until the 30th of September,. Everyone is welcome and you can interact and pet the Meeroos while you are here.


  1. Hehehe... Six, it's a great exhibition. And all that in nice surroundings too. :)