Thursday, 8 September 2011

Medical's New Assistant - Lovevamp Resident.

There's a new face tending for patients in the medical centre and if you've not met her she's  Lovevamp Resident. After a week of intensive impromptu training she was made an official medical assistant during last Saturdays general meeting and I'm sure we would all like to congratulate her on that.

Ordinarily students are trained by calling for them when a medical needs to be performed and having them observe another medical assistant or Dr performing it. After 3 of those observations they are allowed to preform the medical themselves under the gaze of a senior medical officer, again this would be about 3 further observations.

Lovevamp under observation
Though this is a good way to train we thought with lovevamp we'd speed the process up by instead of waiting for a new member to join and hoping she'd be online at the same time to give her the appropriate number of observations but as an impromptu medical using other GFC members we find potting around the sandbox and getting them to play patients as we go through the observations with her.

One of the advantages I feel with this is not only do we speed up the process of training officers in their divisions you can also spend more time talking to them about every stage of the process, giving more tips as you go along.

That's suppose to tickle 
Though Lovevamp was made a medical officer in super quick time, she also was probably coached  more in this process than in the regular one. She is making a great and friendly member of the medical staff, so if you stub your toe on something in the sandbox and she's around, get her to help you hobble to the medical centre and I'm sure you'll be right as rain before you know it.

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