Monday, 29 August 2011

Sandbox Runway

There are times when you stand, sit or lay, whichever vertical or horizontal position suits you at that particular moment and notice something in the sandbox where your reactions could be along the lines of.

"Who put that there".
"Why did they put that there".
and in this case "wouldn't an airport be a better place for it".

These were one of the few  printable comment made when Mr Lt Weatherwax decided to rezz a DC10 in the sandbox. I don't know if its just me but I just can't get excited about staring at a passenger aircraft, the sole purpose of which is to freight bodies from one country to another.

It doesn't have the smooth lines of a fighter plane, the alluring appeal of a learjet or the power of a helicopter. But for some reason there is a child like wonderment about it, so when you see one laid down in front of you, there is that compulsion to stare and cock your head to one side, the way you would if you saw an elephant playing table tennis with a gorilla.

It would have been more realistic if there were luggage handlers throwing your suitcases around and striking demanding a prim limit before they'd carry anything.

So if you want people to stand, stare and scratch their head, plonk a virtually full size DC10 in the sandbox, it works everytime.

Now, why is my flight late airline Captain Weatherwax?

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