Saturday, 20 August 2011

More Wonders in SL

Greetings all

G-Man here

By now, if you've read any of my posts, you know that I am a pilot here in GFC. I actually have about 40 hours of flight time in the "real" world. And I actually got the chance to fly a helicopter in RL. And it has been my love and passion ever since. I've never had the time or the funds to complete my private pilots license, and I think it's going to be one of the biggest regrets in my life. But all has not been lost. I found flying here in SL, and although it will never be "quite" the same as RL flying, it has definitely become a passion for me here also. I fly just about every day, and I do alot of it in one of the prettiest and amazing places in SL called The Blake Sea. Approximately 150 connected sims that pilots and boaters can navigate, and I think they are some of the most beautiful sims in SL. Anyway, I was flying my United Airlines DC 3 passenger plane this morning on a short cross ocean trip, when all of a sudden out of nowhere another plane hit my right wing. Usually in SL when that happens, both planes bounce off each other and continue merrily on their way. But not today! All of a sudden my right engine caught on fire, alarm lights began to glow, and I began a slow dive to the ocean below. It truly was one of the most realistic things I have ever had happen to me here in SL. I went to full power on my left engine and looked for a place to land. The plane definitely wasn't going to fly on one engine, but at full power, with the nose up, I was managing to stay airborne. Lucky for me there was a airfield close and I just managed to get to it before the plane wouldn't fly any more. *smiles* I know, I know. Listen to the geeky nerd talk about flying his cartoon plane in his cartoon world. Believe me, i've heard it all. All I can say though, for me, it was an amazing experience. For 8-10 minutes I was actually flying a DC-3 airliner, in trouble, and trying to land before I crashed. And actually did it!
I realize most people won't understand, and for alot, SL means nothing. But for some of us, it's a wonderful and amazing place that's let's us do things that we may not ever get to do in real life. And I so recommend that anyone reading our blog come on in and give it a try. I'll bet that almost everyone will find something that will interest them. And if not, log out and you've lost nothing but a bit of your time. Come check it out, I truly think you will be amazed at the wonderous things that go on in this fantasy land called SL

On fire and trying to keep from crashing!

as always


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  1. I have a full size DC-10 which i can show you if you want