Thursday, 1 September 2011

Away Team Sets Have Arrived

You may have noticed the new Gibraltar Borg header ads and the previous crash site one. It seems other's have too as we've been asked afew times why the borg are coming...I dunno, maybe they were hungry and heard you were serving meat loaf or maybe it could be the an RP set built under the new Research "Away Team Set" project.

The project consists of bringing small teams together to create sets for RP's, original designs and on request. The first set created by Seven of Nine (zannadu Resident)  was used in the Gibraltar RP afew weeks back and was a great hit. Click HERE for pics and RP LOG.

But since then new members  Rokks Resident and katie Zwilling  have been added to the team and their first custom borg set is finished and ready to use. What the project will strive for is high quality, fast turn around and innovative scenarios for GFC RP's. As of writing the team are well into their second custom set with more to come.
Sneak Peek, wait until you see inside
You'll hear more about them and their sets towards the run up to Mondays RP and beyond, so watch this space for more info as research has slapped a no peeking sign on the sets until Monday.

A new dimension in GFC Rping and Building has just arrived. 


  1. I have to say this place is awesome. I had the pleasure of having a snoop around and it will make a great RP story. The other RP set is awesome as well, many things can happen. Let me, on the side note, remind everyone that these sets are not only put out once and then lost in the abyss we call our inventories. They can be brought out and used over and over again. One ship could return to a previous planet of, a different ship could investigate for example. Great new stuff heading your way guys!

  2. Shows what happens when talented people are let free with prims, the team is awesome and readers will learn more about them later.

    It proves how well members can work together when the end product and creativity this the most important aspect and division and project leads don't have to work in a committee just to do the simplest thing.

    Its beautiful working in an ego free environment and is creating a template for future ways of working.

  3. sounds awesome guys! can't wait to see them