Friday, 22 July 2011

We're Having A Baby!!!

Dr Mexes Snowpaw examines our new patient.
When you get a subspace message from medical which reads "Anyone online that knows alot about babys I got a prego lady here that wants a baby exam?".

Being in medical, curious and know as much about babies as a Geek knows about popularity I thought I'd teleport myself down and see what was going on.

There I found Dr.Mexes Snowpaw doing a medical exam on an extremely pregnant patient, Malic Skytower was looking on in that "I may faint" swaying pose.

We discuss the case and decided to move her over to the scanner beds in the recruit medical room. There we were able to do a full scan of our mother to be. After scanning, prodding and poking we gave her the good news the baby was fine and there was no danger of the sprogs hitting the floor by just walking too fast.

Once again GFC medical staff shows their versatility and sent their patient home slightly less confused than they were before they arrived.