Saturday, 18 June 2011

My first recruits

I have just become a full officer for the careers division of the GFC and I am very proud to hold that title as I love meeting new people and helping them to choose the right career path.

Lieutenant J.G.Taurik Xaris observed my interview with the lovely Artemis Yeu and told me I had finished my observation and was now a fully fledged careers devlopement officer. My new friend Artemis Yeu then invited her friend Angelina Firebrand to join our wonderful GFC.

I got a message from Angelina to say she needed to talk to a CDO officer and we arrange to meet to get her signed up for the academy, so off we trotted to the office for her interview.

After we had finished I took her to the academy where I got her to sign up for classes. I wished her well and sent her off to find her place in the GFC.


  1. Congratulations Deb


  2. Keep reeling them in Deb!!! You bring em and we keep em busy :)