Monday, 27 June 2011

Christening the Sovereign Tactical Area

A New Beginning

As we all know, one of our Sims is being re-built, the Tactical area that was once housed inside of that Sim has been moved into Sovereign.

Today, several of GFC gathered in the Tactical area, and thought that it would be a cool time for a bit of R&R.

It didn't take long before the Borg beamed in, and we all had to flip into action to take on the threat.

The location was slightly shabby, and Thomas Aker and Richardjrn Weatherwax had to makeshift us a room and a door so that the bullets did not clutter the Sim.

Dustin and Toq jumped right into action and cut down loads and loads of drones, Richardjrn joined the Fray. I was throwing myself around while Gokyu and Malcolm where making precision strikes against these Borg.

By the look of things the Borg didn't do too well.
But what did they expect?

Jimmy Vehrous


  1. Awww, missed it, looks like fun.
    Great info, didn't know it had moved damn, not in the TP HUD...Another update needed :(

  2. dun dun duunnn, it was fun tho lol *shakes his fist at the borg*