Sunday, 26 June 2011

2000 views can't be real

As we hit those lofty heights of 2000 pageviews I think its a good opportunity for us to place a deck chair in the sandbox, kick off those starfleet shoes and reflect on how this blogs has done over the last month.

It started as a bright idea one morning when Debbydo fell out of bed and banged her head against a wall. From then on she's been living under some delusions she started a blog about peoples lives in the GFC, a Star Trek sim in some virtual world somewhere.

Local doctors don't have the heart to tear her from her self imposed dream state and left her rocking in the corner of her spanking bran new white, padded, studio cell where for some reason you wont find furniture or shaped instruments of any kind.

To compound her delusion, she's invented contributing writers into her wild fantasies, a lab coated guy who's name resembles a turtle, a David Beckham look alike who from rumours can't decide if he's a jimmy or a bobby, a raccoon who enjoys flighter aircraft's and a girl who has dispensed with having an full name and now would prefer to be known by a single letter.

All preposterous the lot of it. The mere thought of a fledgling to dare come in and produce something that could be enjoyable, fun and informative. The division fuddy-duddies never heard the likes of it, they were use to standing in corners whispering to each other about the latest conspiracy theory and whether is could be stupider than the last one, which by the way was mind-blowingly idiotic.

The doctors sat with Miss Resident on many occasions trying to find a minuscule of sanity in her words.

But to them it didn't make sense, "flying Gryphons","Away missions","Eating alien food","Tactical events underground" who could possible believe such tales. Of course she lost total credibility  when she insisted there was a place called a library which actually had a librarian in it, it was all too much for her psychiatrist to take so he got up, left the padded room and fed the key to the two mutant dragons outside her door who also insisted they were her friends.

So if you hear some story about a Blog for some Star Trek group, don't believe a word of it as these things can't happen.....Can they?


  1. Love it!!! Brilliant.
    Congrats on the views guys, well done!
    Not happy - The comment about me mind.

  2. lol complete epicness what a way to start my morning :D i always thought deb was a little insane but i guess you have to be to be in GFC :P heck to be in SL for tht matter

  3. Thanks, but remember its the writers who make it what it his so every one of you thanks, its your blog, its your stories....Then again, we may just be all figments of her deranged imagination.