Tuesday, 24 May 2011

kindergarten Sandbox

For some reason in recent weeks there’s been an increasing in child avatars visiting the sim, which has opened up plenty of debate in the Aeon’s sandbox and the galaxyfleet chat channel.

Some people questioned whether its against second life’s  terms of service (TOS) to have child avatars whilst others asked if it was against the rules of the GFC. The answer to both questions is neither, but maybe this isn’t the main question people want to ask.

What seem to be an underlining feeling is that many are uncomfortable with the thought of adults desire to dress and play the role of young children, which transcends the issue of people dressing up in a virtual world into something we may feel uncomfortable about in real life.

The beauty of second life is the fact we can choose who we want to be and how we want to act, in some respects more so than we can in real life. So should it matter?

The problem with anything we do in second life is that it still creates feelings that are similar to those in real life and child play regarding adults has always been seen as being sleazy and uncomfortable to imagine for some. Because its happens in a virtual world where your identity is hidden could make some feel the motives are more sinister than in real life as they get to do what we all do and hide behind our avatar.

But could this not be a stereotype fuelled by stories of child play in adult sims and real life abuse.
Cases could be argued that some people may want to have a chance to return to days when they were children, others who may not have had what could be regarded as a normal childhood but second life could help them relive something they have missed, whilst other may look at playing a child represents all that is good and innocent in the world and find that its a more comfortable world to live in for them.

People come into second life to have fun and more often than not create experiences that they may not be able to in real life. The argument, if any probably would be what determines a valid experience and is feeling uncomfortable about something a legitimate reasons for not wanting it, where does freedom of expression start and end in a world where you can't create physical pain but certainly can inflict mental anguish.

Both  Second life and the GFC have rules regarding child avatars, to paraphrase would be to say that child avatars are allowed providing they are not engaging in any sexual act.

For Clearer clarification visit the link below:

Note: Merely having a childlike avatar does not violate this policy. It is not our intent to banish childlike avatars in and of themselves.

  Quote from Linden Labs

By snapper Desade
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