Friday, 27 May 2011

Classic video's of the GFC in the early days.

The GFC, previously known as SFCSLQ (starfleetcommand secondlife quadrant) before the name change in 2008, was one if not the first star trek inspired sim to be created in second life. Whilst rummaging through the loft in the command office i stumbled upon some old datafiles the admiralty thought they had hidden.

Come and relive the classic days of the fleet as far back as 2006, when we were just young innocent explorers travelling the universe for the ultimate cup of coffee.....We're still yet to find that frothy hot brew and no, Starbucks doesn't count or any other Battlestar Galactica referenced beverage.

The link below is for a youtube channel which holds a staggering 24 videos chronicling aspects of the group from back in its early days.


These set of videos features commentary from a player exploring the sims and explaining what he encounters

Snapper Desade
(For GFC News)

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