Saturday, 28 May 2011

Classic RP of the past with the crew of the USS Gibraltar

As we are in that classic mood and you've digested an least some of the vintage footage of the GFC of old, an interesting occurrence happen. It was whilst reclining in my comfortable chair in my research office thinking of ways to create clean renewable energy without destroying the planet in the process, I stumbled across access to some old files, hidden away so deep inside the internet directory structure you had to blow the cobwebs off before you could get at it.

"USS Gibraltar" it said in big red letters, written in crayon, so obviously this was very important. Maybe not reaching the lofty heights of little 5 year old Timmy's archaic scribbles which he vehemently  insists is a drawing of his cat, but never the less, stories of the crew of the USS Gibraltar should be handed down to generations, like cloth nappies and repeated over a hot campfire even when all the marshmallows and beer has gone.

 the crew of USS Gibraltar

LINK: USS Gibraltar - Preparing for Departure
LINK:  Photo Log

Snapper Desade
(For GFC News)

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