Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Google + communities page hits the 100 member mark.

Sometime ago a google+ community social media page was set up to help spread GFC activities and information. Two groups were made, one for members only and another which the public can join and comment on.

Those who join are free to post articles, pictures, videos or link to something which maybe of interest to others in the group. As its social media these can be accessed via your computer, phones and tablets easily. Its usually set up that when your signed into to these devices messages are sent automatically when new posts are submitted making it easy to keep track with was being said without missing anything.

This week the public G+ community page passed the 100 member mark, so thank you to all those who have joined and hope we are keeping them up to day with some of the goings on in the GFC sims.

Remember members can contribute to these pages so always feel free to post about your experience in the group.