Monday, 25 August 2014

Star Trek Fan Based Kickerstarter Film Star Trek: Axanar successfully funded.

Fan based films made of series and movies aren't new, but normally they have a habit of being very low quality, badly, terribly scripted and more in the lines of me and my camcorder productions.

A independent short film has been made in the hope of getting the budget for a full length film by using the kickstarter website to pledge for donations to make it, as of now they have successfully hit their fund target so hopefully the full length movie should be made soon.

An impressive 20 minute short movie has been made so far detailing the story of klingon supremacy and domination in the quadrant and on how the federation fought back. This short is filmed in the style of a documentary with key characters telling the story of the event.

Production value is high and shows what can be done on a budget, view the video below and see what you think.

The kickstarter concept has been around for sometime, but has really in recent years been significant in developing projects which require funding. 

The idea is a project stated how much funding is needed and the public can pledge money to get it off the ground, for that you may or may not get something from the company directly for your fund or it could be just to make sure something which you think would be cool gets a chance of being made, Items like the virtual reality headset the Oculus Rift started off as a kickstarter crowd funding project and ended up revitalising the concept of VR headsets and even got bought by facebook.

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