Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Play Second Life at high quality even on your mobile with Onlive®

If I told you that, you could play Second Life at high quality on your android mobile phone or tablet better than most people in world do you'd think I'd be yanking your chain. Well it is possible, just it wont be cheap.

How it basically works is a company called Onlive®  has a service which allows for games to be played on your computer or mobile device by using their servers to do all the hard complicated graphic and processing work and streaming that on to you, this way you can play games or software at a standard far beyond that of your own computer for more info watch the videos and click the links below.

At the moment Second Life is running as a beta on this system, the biggest downside is that its not free other than the 20  minute trial, then your paying around $3 for an hour with some savings if you by more time.

Though I doubt people are going to rush to use this due to the price it does show how systems can leverage the requirements of hardware and in the future I'd expect it to be more competitive, maybe all games will be played this way....

A more hand demo of the system can be viewed from Draxtor

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