Sunday, 9 February 2014

Kendra Steps down from major group activity


Many members will know kendra personally in the GFC, she was the lead of library and the most prolific uniform maker the group has ever seen, many specially made outfits for divisions were crafted by her very hands.

So its with a sad heart for all of us that due to health reason she will have to step down from major activities in the group.

A message was sent out to the group which read.

"Greeting all my close friends with very heavy heart I write to tell you all that I must officially resign from my post in gfc. Many of you know in rl I am with very bad health and due to my health I am away from sl for very long periods of time causing my friends much stress. I do not wish to cause stress or worry. I will check in to you all from time to time as I work my program in rl. I must focus in my health that my heart will be functional for as long as It can. 

I will miss you all very much...more than you will ever know...I love you gfc"

Lt. Kendra Mollsen (Koreeah)

Kendra promises to pop in now and again to say hello, but i'm sure we will still miss the little Klingon who help inspired the Klingon village which we now have in sovereign and all the uniform tailoring she did for the group. 


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