Monday, 16 September 2013

New personnel office

This week saw a new redesigned personnel office. Gone are the numerous rooms replaced by an open plan environment with two areas to conduct interviews. In the event of more than one happening at the same time they are perfectly out of chat range of each other.

Access to information has been made easier with links for applying to join the GFC and general info about the group being placed at the entrance desk.

Division information & sign in boards are close at hand. This gives potential members access to updated group data and  members who are online can assist them.

Many consoles have been placed throughout the room with links to role play info and a direct teleport to phoenix station. Plans are also afoot for these consoles to create resource links for answering questions which may be asked about group procedures and protocols.

This area has been made not just for new members but also existing officers in mind. Access to talks and forms needed are a click away so everything required for completing interviews and passing information is near.

Because of the building techniques used which are mostly mesh & sculpts the new design doesn't only look better, its more functional and has saved about 500 prims from the previous design.

If you haven't seen it yet, pop down and give it a look.

If you have a Seconlife Account teleport this locationhttp://slurl.com/secondlife/Galaxy/109/28/43

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