Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Teleport Boards

Getting around any sim if its your first time can be a little daunting, people generally want to go from A-B very quickly without the need to alway pick up some info or device, though those things can be useful. To aid in helping people (that includes members as well) Teleport Boards have gone up in certain main areas of the GFC by Research Division.

Locations are groups in rows "RP location/Sets","Shops & Rentals","Phoenix Space station","Public Sandbox","Tactical/Airport/Flight deck" and "HQ/Academy/Medical/Library". Selecting any of the rows gives you a drop down menu with the locations available and once chosen  a box at the top and bottom of the board indicates for you to click for teleport. The teleport options stays open for a few seconds giving people time to click it and others to follow.

If you need a quick way to get round and your near one of the boards which has the location you're going to on it, give it a try.

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