Friday, 23 August 2013

Second Life's Humble Beginnings

I was shown a post that I think many may be interested in, it shows, early versions of Second Life from August 2001 when it was simply called Linden world. Andrew Linden created the video at the time and he explains how the system worked back then and what was different between then and 2011.

An interesting thing to note is, some of the ways you work to terraform the world have some similarities to Minecraft, its that you had to physically destroy sections of the land to change its appearance. Though looking at the system then compared to now a huge amount of improvement was made, you can still clearly see the genesis of what we have now in there.

It does say something that from those humble beginnings we are 12 years on and second life is still a profitable business for those who run it. Enjoy the video below and thanks Langy for spotting the link.

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