Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Firestorm Question and Answers - 10 Aug 2013

The team who created the Firestorm viewer had a nearly 3 hour question and answer session where they talked about what the team are working on, the problems which they have encountered and the future direction of the viewer.

As we know there are major changes happening with Secondlife systems which requires a lot of work for the 3rd party viewers to keep up with.  Having this type of Q&A meetings the team can keep users informed of where they are updating the viewer and can explain why certain things happen the way they do and other things don't.

The subjects they talked about were, Server side baking (sunshine), CHUI, Materials, encrypted IM's, blocking older versions of the firestorm viewers and more....

For a long video it does give you a real insight into the most popular viewer used in Secondlife, enjoy watching the video below.

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