Monday, 29 July 2013

New Cobra or Old cobra

In history things have to change, the abacus turns into the computer, bicycles turn into motorbikes, the quill turns into a light pen, but one thing which remains constant through the duration of the GFC which is at least 7 years old has been Admirals cobramax's avatar, through thick and thin, rping, flying, meetings, ruling changes, name changes, sim refits and sim additions his appearance has kept the same.

But recently we have all been shocked by the revelation that something was amiss in the universe, there was an unbalance in the force...oops...wrong franchise.

A bearded biker man in an admiralty uniform walked into the SOM (Senior Officers Meeting) and sat down in the admirals usual position.  If he didn't have cobra's name above his head he would probably have been frog marched out of the room and thrown off the tower....figuratively speaking or providing there were no witnesses.

So you have the comparisons, which do you like best old Cobra or New Cobra?


  1. I vote for the old Cobra skin, he can keep his new shape it suits him.

  2. If he likes it I say keep it, though I wish he'd let me help him shop for some new hair.

  3. Yeah, the army crew cut is pretty brutal