Friday, 21 June 2013

Bi-Annual Ball Award Information

With the Bi-Annual Ball hours away here's a recap of some of the awards which will be presented to those members who have proved worthy over the last 6 months. The awards our broken down as stated below.

Recently division leads were given a document to fill out and submit awards based on the activities of their members, below are the choices they could choose to award people by.

The Galaxy Star is the top activity award.

The Red Crest is a special award given to those who have worked through illness and great adversity.

Legion of Merit is the next activity award down the list, its for outstanding activity, but slightly short of getting the top Galaxy star award.

Commendation and Achievement are awards for commendable activity either building or non building.

Meritorious recognises general activity of members.

Awards ranking are as follows:  

Galaxy Star - Admiralty awarded
Red Crest   - Admiralty awarded

Legion of merit - outstanding activity
Commendation - non build activity
Achievement - build activity
Meritorious - great activity

Ball will be held on 22nd June 2013 at 2pm SLT
If you have a second life account the ball location ---> HERE

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