Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Tactical: New Set Under Construction

Today, I started building.

Well, actually, I've been building for quite a while. Months upon months upon months...

Anyway, after taking on the Tactical Lead position full time again, I decided that I'd put the Tactical sets off too much over the past few weeks. It was finally time to build them.

I got started by drawing a rough sketch in RL. Now, I draw some excellent stuff in RL, if you ask nicely, I'll provide a link to my Facebook album. But back to the story. :P

There is an eagle eye view of the set I'm building below. It's only sixty-four (64) prims - much to my own surprise.

It will be the first in a long line of sets.

The image below is a V1 of the final. It is yet to be textured. Stay tuned for more updates!
Till next time!
- Snowphee

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