Sunday, 12 May 2013

Presentation at the GM

Everyone has some fear of speaking in front of others. You tighten up and are unable to speak because of that fear. Today in the General Meeting I went inside to see what these meetings are all about. I sat through quite a few reports until it came to Debbydo. So she is in charge of two divisions - Social Events and CDO.

I wonder what it's like for her to organize two reports and on top of that - work in the GFC with paperwork beyond belief? On average - we find stage speaking hard in RL; and SL even asking questions is tough. I'd better look at Debbydo giving two reports for this group.

The amazing part is that she has time For RL in amongst all that work. I even have a fear of standing on stage. So we go to look at Debbydo as she presents!! Every report requires A lot of effort and preparation.

Everyone has some fear of something and remember - no matter when you present, just think of everyone in underwear or sitting on toilets. Anything to help present better. Next you see Debbydo - remember to give her a congrats for all the work she does !!

View of the Adrmials
Debby Presenting

Dr. Mexes Presenting

Snapper Presenting

View of the Audience

J. Shark reporting - for GFC News!

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