Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Online SL Log Cleaner

We've all had that problem in Secondlife when copying logs from local chat, group messages or IM's and having timestamps next to each speaker and event or even emdash message outputs.

To make it easier to place logs in messages or online documents Richardjrn Weatherwax has made an online log cleaner.

Simply copy your SL log and paste it into the input window and click submit.

Your output will appear in the output window (you may have to scroll up within the output window to see it). Though the window is small your converted text will be placed there, just copy the content of the output window once the input has been submitted.

If you're using a windows machine

Alt+Ctrl+C with your cursor in the output window will copy the converted content to your computer clipboard.

Then go into any document and press Alt+Ctrl+V it will paste the whole converted content there.

There is a link to the SL Log Cleaner on the sidebar of the blog  or a direct link to it from HERE.

Hope this will save time in creating logs with timestamps and Emdash text being taken out automatically.

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