Saturday, 27 April 2013

Shipwreck Treasure

We are planning another treasure hunt... I know I know, not another treasure hunt lol, BUT this one is a hunt with a  difference :)

We have called it the "GFC's Shipwreck Design Treasure Hunt."
 It will be held  before the SOM on Saturday, the  27th of April, starting at 1pm. It will be a treasure hunt to find pieces of a ship, and then once you have all the pieces, you must build the ship,

Every time  you find the box containing the ship part, you will be given a clue, which you must decipher to get  to the next location where the next part of the ship will be found.

This time, we are allowing team participation and if you want to play, everyone will be asked to assemble in the  Aeon sandbox at 12.45pm  SL (PDT) time,  where you will be divided into teams, or work alone if you prefer...the choice is yours. Then the hunt will begin at 1pm.

Admiral Cobra Mechanique has kindly consented to judge the contest just before the SOM meeting.

Idea was created by Richardjrn Weatherwax and myself, Special thanks to Jin Tao for the ship parts.

Meet Location - Aeon Sandbox

       Six of Nine (Yalene)
Social Events - Assistant Lead

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