Friday, 5 April 2013

Debbydo's blog links with Dubbler for voice notices

The blog uses various ways of getting the message out for stories, of course we started off strapping messages to the legs of carrier pigeons, but that grew fruitless as they got lost too often and spent more time carpet bombing cars below them as public toilets.

At present we use Twitter and Google+ as tools to get the word out and those who followed the blog from the button on the side should also get notices when a new blog appears. There a various other social network tools out there also but one which we took a fancy to was called Dubbler, its like twitter with voice so we can record messages and you can even reply in voice. You can record your message normally with selected background music or using various voices like, kittycat, robot, bird etc.

It will be interesting how or if this develops or will other Social networks just add the same features, we'll see but have a look at a video below to demonstrate what's it all about.

Dubbler is available here on Android & iphone.
Their homepage is HERE --> http://www.dubbler.com/

You can listen to our first announcement message HERE --> http://dblr.me/s/2frM2P

If you think its fun, be sure to give it a try and follow us on there.

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