Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Phoenix Space Station Rentals Open

In the GFC if you don't know there are a variety of places to rent accommodation all offering something different in each, The latest which has been made available can be found in the new phoenix station. There you will find two specific types of rental.

1. Large rental space, with a view out into space from the station, adjustable blinds and a generous 200 prim limit all for 400l$ a week.

2. Small short stay sci-fi fixed rezzable rooms. If your a star trek fan then there are already vulcan and klingon influenced scenes available. More scenes will be added soon and a room shell made obtainable so people can submit their own designs. These rooms start as low as 20l$ aday.

Teleport to location HERE

Also remember you have access to other area's of the station like the bar with its games area, video theater, dance floor, social area's and poker table (no real gambling) as well as flying your small ships around the sector through the hangar bay.

NB. Other areas of the station are still being built.

In addition to rentals here we also do have.

1. Skyboxes in Galaxy sim one of our adjoining sister sims with parcel controlled rooms. Media and security systems added, changeable background surroundings, out of chat range and controllable voice chat.
all for 117 prims and 400L$ a week.
Teleport location  HERE

2. Hangar bay, which is part of the Airport, there are a few rental homes and hangar combo's, plenty of space to live in plus an area below to park ships which can be flown around the airbase. 200 prims 500L$ A week.

Teleport location  HERE

As this is part of a Sci-Fi group, there is a community not too far away to interact with, in addition there is a small public sandbox where medium to small items can be created and a place you can talk to other people who maybe working on their own projects. Not to mention an active and popular Trek/Sci-fi influence group  associated with this area so activities maybe happening not too far from you if you wanted to join in and meet new people.

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