Saturday, 23 March 2013

New TOS RP USS Valiant Launches (If they could get it out of space dock first)

The maiden voyage of any ship is a reason to celebrate, but as the crew of the new TOS RP the USS Valiant boarded their vessel for the first time, something was seriously amiss. It was going nowhere fast as the chief engineer screams for more power to engines or any power at all.

Snippet from ships log:

Captain Saeko Nakada: Thank you. We need all spare hards at this point.
Songlord Resident fires up the life sciences station and starts running a shipwide sensor diagnostic.

Engineer: "Power systems online."

Captain Saeko Nakada: Remove docking clamps.

:: The ship shakes as the metal docking clamps retract ::

keranku Xorbun: docking clamps removed Captain

Dr. Hatfield makes a list. Lifesource monitoring offline. environmental scans offline.... atmospheric analyzers offline......

Captain Log    -->  HERE
More Pictures  --> HERE
Future Logs     --> HERE

For more details contact: Contact: ai kikuchiyo (ship Capt.) or razor indigo (Ship XO)
Find out more this Thursday at 4:45 pm at the Aeon RP centre  for the pre-briefing.
RP starts at 5pm SLT/PDT.
To view and rezz some of the groups RP sets Visit The RP Centre 

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