Monday, 25 February 2013

Quality Girly time......

Debbydo & Kendra Relax

I took some time out to spend some quality time with my friend and  Library Lead Kendra Mollsen.
 I showed her my secret  location within the GFC grounds, a place where we can relax and talk about our plans for the future and to relax with the sound of the waves brushing against the jetty and watching the boat sway with the tide.

The cool breeze touching our skin made us feel relaxed and calm which is something we both enjoyed and needed after working hard with our divisions.  We was later joined by our new recruit Beth who also found my secret location and then followed by an old friend kaori.

It was a great time for us girls to relax talk about old times and for Beth to meet some of the crew here in the GFC.

Combadge chirps Lt Cmdr Debbydo could you please report to the station.
Looks at Kendra time to go back to work and thank you for our quality time together and look forward to the next one, gives Kendra and hug and tps to the station.

Debbydo, Kendra, Beth and kaori

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