Saturday, 2 February 2013

Battles, Satellites, Missles & Coloured Trails

You know when you have those days when things just happen one after the other. This Wednesday was a bit like that. first the CWC Wolverine ship a regular visitor to GFC sovereigns airspace requested permission to approach the space station.

There were a few mumbles from pilots hanging around the station, maybe they had a bit to much synth ale. Permission was granted but it wasn't long before we felt the station shake from a shelling.

On looking outside a modified mig like fighter with space flight capabilities were firing on the the CWC ship, bombarding it with missiles. Not to be a total sitting target and to their surprise the Wolverine put up its shield and prepared for battle.

Ops officers on the station were monitoring communication and were able to get a copy of the intercepts which you can read HERE.

After the conflict and though damaged with repairs under the way, the captain of the CWC offer those who wantedt to watch nasa launch its Tracking and Data Relay Satellite-K, TDRS-K on the big screen he had in one of the compartments in his ship. Its always fun to sit back and watch a bit of real life trek like sci-fi being a reality.

View video link HERE

A few minutes after the launch it was time to goto the regular wednesday AAC event. Damian flew his large ship down towards the USS Paris and we taxied our way across the flight deck in one of his shuttles.

The AAC event this week was in two parts, first flying in a fighter but only being allowed to use missiles so you had to wait for your plane to get a lock on a target before firing as you watched your missile try to follow the movement of the ship your aimed at hoping the pilot wasn't able to shake them off. It was a fun event and a nice way to do combat.

The next event was more relaxing and it was flying an acrobat plane around the airbase. The jets had the capability of creating different coloured smoke trails so it was suggested we choose the colour associated with our AAC squadron and lit up the sky in a myriad of colors.

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  1. The Russians are coming!

    Took me about 20 minutes to take out Damian's shields, lol.